E-Bikes cost less

When you account for the cost of paying for fuel, vehicle maintenance, parking fees and even parking fines you can't beat the cost of running electric powered bicycles. Even when compared to the cost of public transport your new electric bike will be saving you money.

E-Bikes are convenient

Unlike waiting for a bus or a train your e-Bike is ready when you are. You can travel when it suits you and disregard the public transport timetable. You are also free to use bicycle tracks and parks to take a more efficient direct route that the bus. Once you arrive at your destination there is no more wasted time circling the city earching for an available parking space.

An e-bike make the pleasure of cycling more accessible

The elderly or disabled can now enjoy the pleasure, exercise and fresh air of riding their e-Bikes across town. This may not have been practical on a traditional bicycle.

There are more places you can go on an e-Bike

Good e-Bike can effectively increase your average speed and carry you much further distances with the same effort. This opens a whole new world of cycling destinations.

Top Reasons to Buy an e-Bike

There are lots of reasons why people buy e-Bikes in New Zealand. We have compiled a list based on feedback from our customers of some of the popular reasons they choose to invest in an e-Bike.

· Taking the dog for long run
· Getting to work
· Shopping
· Bike trip
· Quiet
· Keeping fit; nice exercise
· Suspended driving licence
· Getting out of a city apartment
· Keeping up with the kids, grandchildren
· Arriving at the office without breaking a sweat
· Getting around town quickly without having to pedal
· Acceleration to cruising speed is easy and rapid
· No need to look for a parking space
· No need for a driving license, insurance and number plates
· Enjoying the scenic route. Taking a shortcut

More and more people looking for more independence to move around …
Positivly it makes also biking more accessible to aging residents or people with disability ...