Are you looking for an ideal means of transport which is ecological, economical and at the same time able to take you anywhere you need? We are introducing you electric bikes which meet all the mentioned requirements. If you need to buy a new electric bike if you need help when choosing one or if you are looking for spare parts for electric bikes, contact us any time! Electric bikes are ideal for trips, commuting to work or just for fun.

Electric Bike VOLTO TDE03Z 300W / 14Ah

FALCON (TDE03Z) 300W / 16Ah

Electric Bike VOLTO TDF03Z 300W / 14Ah

TUI (TDF03Z) 300W / 16Ah

Electric Bike VOLTO TDN08Z 300W / 14Ah

ROBIN (TDN08Z) 300W / 16Ah

Cross 5 MTB

Cross 5  300W MTB


Electric bikes in New Zealand introduce themselves

Electric bikes (or also electric bicycles, electric cycles or e-bikes) are popular means of transport mainly for their ecological features. However, people buy electric bikes not only to be Eco-friendly but especially because an electric bike takes its owner almost anywhere with minimal expense. Even though we call them bikes, their speed is positively surprising. You can enjoy the benefits of electric bikes in cities with busy traffic as well as while traveling outside the city limits. The electric bikes are a reliable and low-cost alternative of motorbikes and cars. You can ride an pedaling or you can use its electric drive which will help you to manage every hill or any long-distance route. It depends solely on you whether you want to pedal or just have a ride!

What kinds of electric bikes are produced?

There are various types of electric bikes – the choice depends on what your need is. Generally we distinguish these types of bikes:

  • Trekking electric bikes.
  • Fold-up electric bikes.
  • Sports electric bikes.
  • City electric bikes.

The trekking electric bikes are suitable for an off-road riding but you can use them for city rides as well. Furthermore, for the purposes of comfortable city transport there are specially suited city electric bikes. The fold-up electric bikes are ideal for city apartments with limited space, for touring and holiday trips where you can easily store it in your car, yacht, caravan etc. Sports electric bikes are perfect for more dynamic sport riding as they offer higher speed, strong output, good acceleration and low weight.

Why electric bikes?

  • You will save money on transport.
  • Driving range up to 90 km.
  • High output, reliability.
  • Modern design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Space-saving and light.