• Performance

    300W Hub Motor
    36V/12Ah Lithium ion Battery
    32km/h Speed

    30 km on battery
    80 km PAS (pedal assist)

  • Nice Design

    Very comfortable and friendly to use to anyone. Low maintenance and solid build . Selected most approved components with upgrade ready.

  • Top Quality

    1 year warranty and 35% discount on the first battery replacement.

  • Testimonials

    I struggled to choose an electric bike that fitted my requirements. I wanted an affordable bike, good quality, easy to use and that could help me out when my legs got tired. I test out a few e bikes on our market and finally settled on the Volto TDE03Z 300W… Read More »
  • An amazing story – Edward Jones 70 chellange

    A New Zealander Eddie Jones in his early 70's has ridden a Volto electric bike from Cape Reinga to Wellington. A live story about a ride across New Zealand on Volto bike. Visit Eddie's diary, photos, map of the journey here: Read News Paper article abut his journey: http://www.stuff.co.nz/marlborough-express/news/8382070/Can-do-attitude-at-70 Read More »